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Carlos Kimono (Limited Stock)


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Name: Carlos Kimono (Limited stock)

Color: Sand
Fabric: Blended linen
Size: One size, fits most
35 in (88.9cm) length from neck to mid-thigh
29.5 in (74.93cm) sleeve length from neck lapel to arm
12.5 in (31.7cm) sleeve width

Description: Designed to fit most body types, effortlessly draping over your silhouette in a relaxed manner. It features a pineapple embroidery on the lapel and equipped with convenient front pockets with the same fabric “strings”.

Whether you’re lounging at home, exploring exotic destinations, or attending a special occasion, Carlos kimono is the perfect choice to make a statement.

Made in the Philippines.

To maintain its condition, simply hand wash or machine wash on a gentle cycle. For optimal care, air dry the kimono to preserve its smooth texture and appearance.

* Model is 6’1″ (height in feet) and normally wears size Medium US

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