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Mystic Nebula


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Get ready to sparkle guilt-free with Mystic Nebula BioGlitter™ SPARKLE! It’s derived sustainably from 6 year old eucalyptus trees grown responsibly on plantations in the south of France. Globally cosmetic regulations compliant.

Mystic Nebula is a blend of violet and rose, and includes 3-4 different sizes of bio-glitter to give a multi-dimensional look when applied to your body, face or hair:

  • Fine (150 micron/.006” hex)
  • Standard (200 micron/.008” hex)
  • Chunky (375 micron/.015” hex)
  • Super chunky (1000 micron/.040” hex)
  • Uber chunky (2400 micron/.094” hex)

When it comes to applying our Bioglitter™ to your skin, the options are as playful as your imagination! Grab your favorite organic facial oil, aloe gel, or any cream or gel-based face or body product and press the Bioglitter™ on top using your fingers or a make-up brush.

Keep it cozy in a dry, dark, cool hideaway, far from the glaring sun or any sizzling heat sources. To keep its sparkle at its peak, we suggest using our Bioglitter™ within two years.

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